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Thread: Having trouble working with "stat( )"...

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    Question Having trouble working with "stat( )"...

    I am trying to make a form that will show the contents of all uploaded files. Now, I have tried the stat( ) using numeric and relational indexes, but for some reason continues to display the following error:

    Warning: stat( ) [function.stat]: stat failed for PHP MySQL Introduction.doc...

    for($i = 0; $i < count($directory); $i++){
    $details = stat($directory[$i]);
    $uploads .= "<tr>\n";
    $uploads .= "<td><a href=\"../uploads/".$directory[$i]."\" target=\"_blank\">".$directory[$i]."</a></td>\n";
    $uploads .= "<td>".$details[7]."</td>\n";
    $uploads .= "<td>".$details[9]."</td>\n";
    $uploads .= "</tr>\n";
    clearstatcache( );

    Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I also tried using the filesize( ), but it displays a similar error. Thanks in advance for your help.


    I guess it is too late not to look stupid. The reason why I was getting an error is because as you will see above, I was using "stat( )" with only the file name "stat($directory[$i])", instead of giving it the entire path to the file, "stat('../uploads/'.$directory[$i]);". Anyway, I appreciate all of those who took the time to at least view the posting. Thanks anyway! Cheers! :-)
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