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Thread: why jquery is superior then javascript

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    Default why jquery is superior then javascript

    why jquery is superior then java script , there are many examples which we can do through javascript and also thru jquery but experts recomend to use jquery , why so? what is the difference and how it helps, since I am a designer and i know to design and develop html pages , I don't have any strong reason why we should use jquery instead of javascript.

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    jQuery is JavaScript. If these so called “experts” recommend to use jQuery instead of JavaScript, then they don't know much about their area of expertise.

    jQuery is a JavaScript library that is supposed to make coding JavaScript much easier and less time consuming. Being a JavaScript rookie, I am dependent on jQuery since it makes things like targeting an element by its class name a walk in the park (I have no idea how to do that with just JavaScript). People that know basic HTML and CSS can quickly learn how to write a JavaScript script using jQuery.

    I guess you could see jQuery as a translator that understands what you want to do, and does it for you. Of course, jQuery can't do everything (although there are heaps of awesome plugings out there), so if you want to write some really advanced scripts, you will need to learn some JavaScript, but learning jQuery is a great place to start (in my opinion).

    Here is a great screencast series to get you started:

    Happy coding!

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