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Thread: hellp!! why is my file not being downloaded

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    Default hellp!! why is my file not being downloaded

    AAAAAAH! previosuly I had asked: "my file cannot be downloaded because whenever someone clicks it, it opens up a blank page ... its a wlp file and when someone clicks the link, i want it to be downloaded instead of opening up a blank page" ------

    so some nice person told me to zip the file and then it would work!! well, i zipped it up, and now the file isnt being uploaded cause it seems my web host doesnt let .zip files be uploaded..

    Does anyone have any suggestions, how can I allow this .wlp file to be downloaded once the surfer clicks the button?

    is there some kinda script or something i can use to make sure once the person clicks on the link, the file can be downloaded?

    any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated, thank you ...

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    Change the extension, and then change it back on the server?
    Failing that, get a new host - I don't think much of one that doesn't allow some filetypes.
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