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Thread: Make Buttons to generate text in text box on linked page?

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    Question Make Buttons to generate text in text box on linked page?


    I only know basic HTML, from about 11 years ago. So I don't know what to even look for to do this. My company website has an agent profile and a contact for more infor form page that I can't edit for me. I made 3 rollover buttons on my profile page, that when you click on them will link to the company contact form page.

    I'm trying to find the code that I could attached to each of my three buttons, so when they are clicked on they will each input something different in the same comment text box on the linked form page. So than the customer can just fill in his name and number, and hit submit button with out typing in the comment text box on what service (or buttone that they clicked on) they are requesting more info on.

    If any one could help, I would be most thankful!

    So I have Web Page A (which I can edit code) & Web Page B (Form page I have No access to change code)

    WebPage A - Has 3 different buttons, each button when you click on them will go to the same URL WebPage B.

    WebPage B - is a unchangeable Submit Form page, were people can write Name # and Comment Text Area.

    Problem: What code could I use on Page A that has 3 different buttons, When you click on one of the 3 buttons on Page A, it would genterate a text related to that button in the comment text box field on Page B.

    Thank you so much!

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    Any chance of a link

    The way that I do this is by setting "value=" for each button and passing that to next page.

    This value can be the text that you want.

    The next page can be made to pick up that value and put it where instructed.

    If you do a search I'm sure you will find details of how to pass variable values between pages.

    The simplest way, for me, is to make the receiving page PHP and use the $POST method in the original form.


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