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Thread: How to hide url in status bar?

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    Default How to hide url in status bar?

    I have a flash file in my homepage, which is a security logo. On clicking that file a pop up is generated with security information. The information is of high importance.

    While hovering mouse on the flash file, the java script code which generates that pop up , displays on the status bar of all browsers. The code is very important and needs to be protected from all.

    Is there any way that the status bar do not show that java script code?

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    The information you send to the user when they view your page is NOT secure. Or they wouldn't be able to view it.
    Do not think there is a way to hide it, and no matter what you try it will be easier to get around your "security" than for you to try to create it.
    This is the nature of the internet and just how it works. People can steal your stuff. You can make it harder for them, yes, but not hard enough, and it will just annoy people.
    You may find a solution to this problem (probably browser specific and will fail under certain conditions, like high security settings or disabled javascript), but that alone will not make your site "secure".
    What your server sends can ALWAYS be saved.
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