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Thread: IE is ignoring floats on my gallery page

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    Default IE is ignoring floats on my gallery page

    I am having a problem with IE7 (i am not concerning myself with earlier browsers as this is a personal site and everyone I know use at least IE7) ignoring the floats in my css. It renders correctly in Firefox, Safari and Opera when tested (in short, it should be 3 images per row, but in IE7 the images don't float at all and fall underneath one another). I am new to web design and I am also using Wordpress as a CMS. The images are managed through a plugin called Next Gen gallery (some CSS is from there but most is through my own style sheet).

    Here is a link to the page in question:

    Let me kow if anyone out there has any ideas on how to get this to work. I am not sure if I should post some code but I feel most people out there probably use firebug so I don't want to clog up the post with code.

    Thanks in advance to whoever could assist me on getting this straightened out.

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    Try this.

    Good Luck!
    Jeremy |


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