I setup a open source project with GNU license, aiming to minimize the develop cost of database application.

It's extended from ext-js lib with GNU licence, including group header grid, scrollable dataset, dataware widges, auto lookup combobox. It aims to minimize the develop cost of web database application.

The lookup field behaviors like JBuilder lookup field, and more easily to use.
By define a SQL statement, the widge will fetch the code-value dataset under background, and asign the code-value dataset to the lookup combobox.

Data aware widges can be auto linked to grid via a scrollable dataset. Form widges's changed value will be auto updated to dataset' last record after dataset scrolled. Also, the values of record at the new position of dataset will auto be refected to the widges.

The project is hosted on sourceforce, http://sourceforge.net/projects/messi
The example site is on http://messi.freevar.com/index.php

Looking for your sugestions.