I have just added SSL to http://www.mhacorp.com/Custom-Romanc...ions/index.php and clearly, sending the form via email is now out of the question.
I need either a fairly simple script to keep the form secure and to not throw up the "error padlock" when the client goes to the relative form such as https://www.mhacorp.com/Custom-Roman...YN-AF-0211.php or I need some guidelines as to what to look for. My server configuration is an Apache/1.3.39 (Unix) and the Server O/S is FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE
I am pretty new at this sort of thing and I am presuming this script would run through the cgi-bin (which, by the way, already contains a "formmail.pl file) I do not seem to be able to find such a script at Dynamic Drive and searching for one is giving me a wide array some of which I am not sure to trust so I thought I might ask in here since you folks have always guided me perfectly.

Any guidance is always greatly appreciated