Hi there,

first of all i am no programmer.
I search for someone who can help me doing the following, or someone who does the folloing for me:

I habe a .html Page with some links on it and with two iframes on it.
If i click on one link, i want to change the content on one iframe but i want to disapear the existing content of the iframe smooth and slow bevore the new content of the iframe appeares also slow and smooth.
It has to work in Safari (on MAC) AND in InternetExplorer.
<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=3.0)">
works fine on IE but not on Safari for MAC

The half work is done with the script of jscheuer1, the FadeIn Page Script.
But does anyone have a FadeOut Page Script?

I would even pay for this.

Maybe someone can help me.
At least sorry for my bad englisch, i am from germany.

Kind Regards