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Thread: Need comments on a new band site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nile View Post
    Ok, it's an ok site. I'd suggest a few things though:

    Maybe on the home page, there could be a "Welcome to Mari-Joe's Restaurant's Website! [some text about the quality of our food and such]."

    Also, instead of having a link "Specials," you could put a little side bar in that has the specials(of course, no specials for today. )

    Also, your text is over flowing your menu.

    Try different colors too, for example the font colors. Maybe even change the font to arial, verdana, or something else?
    Thanks for the suggestions. I kinda know that the front page needs something, it is currently blank because I am waiting on the owner to send me the photo for the front for it. The photograph is going to take up the front page. At least that's the plan.

    I just had a though. Maybe I'll post specials on the main page and eliminate it out of the menu. Then I can do the other stuff that you suggested and add a photo.

    Ok I changed the background now. I made it a dark and light shades of green.
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    Smile excellent site

    hi robin9000. your site is excellent & cool.

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