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Thread: Flash SWF in new modal window?

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    Default Flash SWF in new modal window?

    This is my first post, and first of all I want to say hello to everyone and that the scripts on this website are great help to web design beginners like me.

    I am working on a simple personal website and don't know how to achieve the following:
    -I would like to put a number of thumbnails (know how to do this of course)
    -When clicked on a thumbnail, I want to open a particular SWF in modal window (this is what I need help with)

    I looked in few scripts. In fact, I need to 'combine' two of them. DHTML Modal Window (from Windows and Frames section) and Image Thumbnail Viewer II (from Image Viewers section).

    However, I don't know almost any CSS and my HTML is limited too so I can't modify the scripts to my need.

    As for opening the SWF in new modal window, I am happy to embed it into HTML page and open that page in the modal window as long as it doesn't look like a new browser window.

    Basically I need the Div option from the Modal Window script combined with the border layout from the Image Thumbnail II script.

    Hope this made sense. Sorry, still not too good with the terminology.
    I am pretty sure I can embed the SWF in a Div, already tried that, so I only need help with the above explained steps to somehow combine parts from both scripts.
    Or advice how to do it without any of the scripts if there is an easier way.

    Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers.

    EDIT: I just tested the first part of my task. Loading the SWF in new modal window using the script from DD worked great, as expected. However, I still need some CSS help to make the border layout as per the Image Viewer II script.
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