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Thread: Row of records each forming a Div so that it could be hidden and shown on action

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    Default Row of records each forming a Div so that it could be hidden and shown on action


    My table header is dynamically generated like this
    x,y, Days (1-31,1-30 or 1-28) based on month and categorised based on factor z.

    I need to show x, y to be blank and final grand sum of all days values of each factor z1, z2, z3 etc.. by default when screen loads.

    so, its like
    + z1
    + z2
    + z3

    When I click on some button (say + of z1), the above information should be hidden and needs to show the complete information.

    values x,y,individual records of (say 1-31) of factor z1.

    For this drill down view, i am putting view1 as row of dynamic divs record z1, next row as div record z2 etc.

    The problem is the colspan between header and row of divs. Colspan is not possible as div comes under different table.Header is in a table and the div records are to be separate tables so that they can be hidden and shown. Fixing the width of header TH's is not possible since auto expansion of TD's and TH's is not applicable here. We cannot fix the width of header TH's , since we are not sure of the max possible value.The table width wont be sufficient.

    Simple soln:
    Header and Row generation for each set of record


    so that colspan and alignment is easy.

    But there are hell of records and the screen looks clumpsy.

    Please help for view 1 and view 2.

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    can you post your code please


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