I had a thought, sometime between last night and this morning. I have a site that would qualify as a self help site. I am also getting pretty tired of the self help industry. I was thinking it would be sort of "funny", "fun", to have a Dynamic Form, that replaced the need to talk about yourself in some therapy session or go through years of soul searching and meditation in order to discover your "true self". Instead you just fill out a form and answer some select questions like what is your favorite leaf and how do you feel when you smell cheese. It's 7:28 Central time so I haven't thought about it past this point. I figured I better introduce the idea to the doers.
I also would like help with my Blog in exchange for monetizing income. I'll do the content you do the code...If you have anything on either of these ideas I can be reached at www.dgswilson.com I'll enable instant notification below...Good morning Happy Wednsday, or whatever day this is...Doug Wilson