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Thread: HTML anchor link?

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    Default HTML anchor link?

    I have a question, I am new to html, and we have a new website and I have had people looking at it. I was told by a guy that the subpages are not being indexed by google, because the links on the homepage are not anchor text.

    I am not sure what this forum policy is about posting websites so I will substitute our site name.

    The current link:
    <div id="servicesb"><a href="services.html" title="services"></a></div>

    Now the link on the page is a picture not text, is this what he is talking about by not being anchored, because it is obviously linked?

    Also does it matter that <a href="services.html"..... is not <

    Thanks in advance,


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    Many sites that have images as links use text and indent it, example:
    HTML Code:
    <div id="servicesb"><a href="services.html" title="services">Services</a></div>
    #servicesb a {
    text-indent: -9999px;
    Then the text is there but it's way to the left so you can't see it unless you have a ten foot screen. This is good since some people use screen readers to view websites and the screen reader won't "see" your image link but it can read the text, no matter how far indented it is. I guess this is good for SEO but I'm not sure about Google since they do things differently from other search engines.

    In my opinion, this is not very semantic and I prefer to just have text instead of images. With a bit of styling you can probably accomplish what you have with images.

    Regarding your second question, it doesn't matter, as long as you specify the correct path.

    Good luck!

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    or what you can do, you keep your links in images. But on the bottom of your site you add your links in text.

    You see that on many sites, and i don't think it will make your design awful.

    Maybe this can help you...

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