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Thread: Stop tweening in adobe flash!

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    Question Stop tweening in adobe flash!

    Quote Originally Posted by saynogo9999 View Post
    Hi, this should be a very simple thing if you know how to use the adobe flash.
    Im trying create a website for my dad, but he doesnt want a normal website..
    He want a website created in flash where everything pops up and all that stuff.
    So here is a link to my website where i currently are storing the demo.
    So far ive only made the background fade by using the tweening tool, so the grey
    box goes from 0% to 100% alpha. But the my big problem here is that i
    don't know how to stop the effect / tweening. So i hoped for some of actually
    did knew how to use the adobe flash program.

    Best regards Toby / Saynogo9999!
    Pff, found out 2 minutes after ..

    If anyone wants to know it, you just make the action
    stop(); at the frame where you want the effect to stop.
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