I am using Dreamweaver CS3 and building an events site. I have my database built with MySQL. The database is set up with a location table, event type table, and event info table (with the location and type referenced in the info table).

I want to include a 'search events' form. I currently have two dynamic lists pulling from the database, one for location and one for event type. I also have a dynamic table below which has the event name and date.

I would like the user to select the location and type from the lists, then click submit in the form. I would then like the table below to update the name and dates, showing only those that fit within the two options. I am lost on how to connect the form to the table, could someone please help?

(Also, I'm not sure the proper terminology for this, so have had a hard time Googling answers. Feel free to help out there as well...)