Hi you all,
this is my first post. I have read all the forums sections and i suppose this is the right one (hopefully)

Well, first of all, before posting my request, I should link some DinamicDrive scripts, and they are the following 2:
Ajax Includes script
IFRAME scroller

Well, my goal is to have an external (but from the same server) html or php page (as example, we can talk about a news page) that is loaded into the frame, as the above IFRAME scroller concept,

this first goal is, because the page is longer in height than the frame is, to have it automatically scrolling ( as a marquee effect ),

but!! the script should really load an external html or php page without specific format, just the page as it is like it happen in Ajax Includes script

In fact, if I understand well, the IFRAME scroller needs a pages that automatically scripts itself to scroll up, while I want the script to load a really unformatted page and scrolls it up continuously and automatically.

Thank you for any tip, suggestion or what ever else to reach this goal.

As exhaustive last example let say I may want to load the main page of my web site in that frame and it should scroll up automatically, or the links page.

Hope this gives a better idea.

Thank you again.