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Thread: SQL Dynamic Menu in DW CS3

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    Default SQL Dynamic Menu in DW CS3

    I have created a dynamic menu in Dreamweaver CS3 and linked it to a database using MySQL/PHP. I wanted the default value to be blank, so I added a static option with a value of 0 and a blank label. Now, however, if the user doesn't select a value the blank field is submitted to the database.

    How do I make the menu so the default blank selection must be changed in order to submit the form?

    Thank you

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    Default Re:- SQL Dynamic Menu in DW CS3


    You can do this using JavaScript, on the submit of the form call a JavaScript function in which check the selected value of the menu, if its 0 then show a error alert box to the user and do not proceed to submission of the form otherwise proceed to the submission of the form.

    Hope this helps!


    ~Maneet Puri


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