I've made a simple picture slideshow. With 10 frames and on each frame a movieclip. On every frame, I use the 'loadMovie' method to import a file..
A set of buttons are used to surf through the frames..

Okay, I wanted to know, is there any other possible way to add a fade-in fade-out transition while changing the pic from frame 1 to frame 2.. ?

The way i know of doing it will be like this;
Making a movieclip, MC1, and in there, another movieclip, imagehandler MC, where that image is brought using 'loadMovie' method. And fading in imagehandler MC from frame 0 to frame 10 using motion tweening like we normally do..
And putting that MC1 (with MC2 fade in effect inside)to each of the 10 frames in the main slideshow timeline (making different MC1 like MCs for each image)..
But this way its much more work and more cramping in the library..

Is there any other suitable way of doing so ?