Iím working in Dreamweaver 8 and trying to use the CF Navigation Menu II:


Iíve taken the rounded corners off. They didnít look great on my site, but I had the same problem even with the rounded corners.

I canít get the menu aligned to the right, and when Iím laying-out the page, both the menu images and the last menu item drop down below where they are supposed to be. This is not a problem when the page is actually opened by a browser. Then everything lines up correctly, except that there is a gap between the menu cell and the cell immediately below the menu. Here is the page. You may only be able to view it in IE:


In the middle of the page Iíve inserted an image of what the page looks like in Dreamweaver layout mode.

It doesnít matter how wide I make the cell /table for the menu, the problem still occurs. I can only get the menu on the right side of my page by playing around with the width of the cell and I canít figure out the correct width of the menu cell in layout mode because the last menu item is always out of position. So this is a frustrating iterative process.

This may be a Dreamweaver problem. Could there be some setting I need to change in my software?