Hi all

I'm looking for a php script where I can load and include random images from a specific folder plus random alt descriptions from a specific folder as .txt file for every image. Description must not be associated to a specific image, just random. As I want to include multiple random images with alt descriptions on a page, it was very good if there was a solution with a good randomizing or a function to exclude duplicate includes. Is it possible? I just a found a simple script which does the work with images, but can't figure out how to include the random textfiles as alt descriptions.

any help is much appreciated

PHP Code:
$folder "./images/random/";
$imagetyp = array("gif","jpg","png","bmp");
$source dir($folder);
$imagename = array();
$file $source->read()){$format substr(strrchr($file,".") ,1);
if (
in_array($format,$imagetyp)){$imagename[] = $file;}}
srand((double) microtime()*10000000);
$typ array_rand($imagename);
"<div align='center'><img src='$folder/$imagename[$typ]' alt='' /></div>"