Oh I need so much help!! I need to tweak this: http://www.dhtmlgoodies.com/scripts/...des-demo3.html for a project at work. I can get it all set up just fine but I can't save it :-( This is so far from my skill set that I even have instructions on how to save it and still can't implement it.

I will be happy if I can understand how to save something simple like this to a database: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex11/domdrag/ I saw in this forum a wonderful explanation on how to save the above to a cookie but we will have multiple people viewing this app if I ever get done (I work in a courthouse and the judges want to have the cases/lawyers/date all set up just like my link above and have a secretary drag everything to its appropriate place every week and save it.)

I just can't imagine how to set up the database. Part of my problem is that I haven't used a form to populate a database so I'm going to start googling that now. I've played around with putting front ends on Mysql databases but its all very very basic. Simple querys etc...I've worked my way through a few beginner books but this is complicated to me. I just can't imagine how to set it up.

Here is the Save information from the first example, dhtmlgoodies, that I am just not bright enough to implement. In the following directions it say to On the server, explode the submitted string(delimiter ; and |) and update your database. but I don't have a clue on how to do that.

If this is to much to explain since I'm clueless is there a good tutorial that anyone knows of? I haven't found one that explains in depth how to set up the database to receive the new order of the nodes.......

Thank you so much in advance this is driving me crazy........

Save data

There is a function available for you which you can use to save data from the script. The name of the function is "saveDragDropNodes". This function will create a string in the following format:
ID of box = The id of the parent <UL>, i.e. the box where the following node is located.
|(pipe) = Used to separate id of box and id of node
ID of node = Id of the dragged nodes.
;(semicolon) = Used to separate a node from the next one.
You can update the value of a hidden form field with this string and then submit the form. On the server, explode the submitted string(delimiter ; and |) and update your database.

Example on how to update the hidden form field:

1. Create a form with a hidden form field: example:
<form name="myForm" method="post" action="save.html" onsubmit="saveDragDropNodes()">
<input type="hidden" name="listOfItems" value="">
<input type="submit" value="Save" name="saveButton">
2. Update the hidden form field with this line at the bottom of the saveDragDropNodes function:
document.forms['myForm'].listOfItems.value = saveString;
With a form like this, the saveDragDropNodes will be executed when someone clicks on the "Save" button. The function will then update the hidden form field "listOfItems" and send it to the server.