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Thread: [GAME] Dots and Boxes

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    Here is a CPU version I just googled, with different difficulty levels, it in Java so I don't know how it's done, but it can be done:
    And here's one with a less intelligent CPU, done with radio boxes:
    Here is another one, this one has the feature I talked about, that the clickable area is a bit larger than the lines themselves:
    Here's another, "computer makes no mistakes" (might not be to hard to make some rules then):
    Do you mean like an online multiplayer? That would be nice and should be easier to achieve than the CPU.
    Another suggestion, how about being able to choose the size of the board? Would that be hard to fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djr33 View Post
    3. Finally, to save even more clicking, it would be cool if, when you closed off a region, the entire region should fill in with the color-- so you don't have to work your way out. Generally, it is understood that if you seal off a region of many blocks and could potentially continue to fill them all it, that you then get them all, with just sealing off the outermost one.
    Sometimes, it is convenient to not take all boxes in a chain. So, this implementation will incur nonoptimal play.

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