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Thread: roll over or pop up window help

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    Default roll over or pop up window help

    I am trying to create a roll over image effect that is giving me a hard time. I have a picture of an apple pie, with 6 slices. I wanted to have a pop up window display with the ingredients for each slice a person rolled the mouse over.
    (6 different slices making one whole pie apple, blueberry, cherry, etc you get the idea). When I tried this in image ready, I had the slices cut up, but the pop up window was larger than the actual slice, so only a portion of the info displayed. Is there a way I can create a slice and have the roll over effect or pop up window display larger than the hotspot slice? Its kinda hard to describe, but I think you can understand what Im trying to do. The ingredients list is much larger then the pie slice hotspot.

    I cannot get my brain around how to make this happen. I know theres a way, I just dont know how.

    Im attaching a pic (very rough draft) for easier explanation. The top image is the pie with lines simulating the rollover slices. The bottom right pick is waht I would like to happen with text in the paper area showing ingredients for respective slice.

    The rollover is not same size as slice and this is the problem Im facing. I think some javascript would make this work but I dont know how or were to find it.

    Thanks for any advice on this.

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    Are you using an image map for the slice links? Could you please post a link to the site or attach your code?
    Eddy Proca
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