This is my 1st posting.

Please go through the follwing issue. It's really an interesing one & needs to be implemented.

I need to divide my browser window to 2 panels. In the upper panel a pdf file
should be displayed.

In the lower panel there are a say 3 textboxes which contain some text. There are 'Next' & 'Previous' buttons which will display the previous or next records in this panel. The 1st textbox in this panel consists of the 'Serial no:'. Now, each time I click on the 'Next' or 'Previous' button, the pdf related to the 'Serial no:' is displayed in the upper panel.

After this I need to search for the text in the 3rd textbox in the displayed pdf
file. How do I implement this Search? I use Adobe reader 7.0 with Acrobat

I tried using the Search.query(used folder level javascript) but it works only on a pdf file that opens in the harddisk & not in the browser.

Another thing I tried was I implemented a document level javascript in Acrobat Professional. It worked fine even in the browser(ie, it displayed the search dialog). Now the issue is this script should apply for all the documents opened in Acrobat/Adobe. How will I insert this script into any pdf document opened in the browser?

Please let me know what the problem is & the solution for this. Also if there is any other method of implementing this search dialog on the browser do let me know.

thanks & regards,