It's my first time posting here, and my knowledge of how things work is not that great, but hopefully i can explain well enough.

I have a website. On three of those pages i have inserted a SWF file. the file is flip cards on a sliding scroller.
the file works great on firefox and other browsers, just not IE, ( i have IE 7 that i view from )

IE 7 works fine when you first load the pages, but navigating back and forth by leaving each page randomly is where i have an issue.
The SWF file half dissapears under the large image above it and is only completely visible again after many refreshes.

The three pages the file is on are LINGERIE, ACCESSORIES, ADULT SHOP. Navigating back and forth between the 3 a few times is where the problem starts. I was thinking it maybe the way IE caches, but again i don't know a lot. I am hoping someone eher would be kind enough to pin point the issue for me. I have since found out that IE 6 doesn't display at all, not that it's a great concern but it may somehow be connected to the problem also. It may even be another script i am running causing the hiccups.?


Thank you