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Thread: need help with 140 photo slideshow please

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    . I can divide his slideshow into 3 folders and embed the swf,( when I learn how to embed), for each folder..correct?
    Sure, if that's neater for you. Another option would be to keep all the images together, use only one copy of the SWF and use multiple XML files.

    one folder renamed awnings..another signs..etc. And each folder will have the .swf file in it relevant to the images in it. I just edit the images.xml file relevant to the pix in the images/tn folders..Am I thinking right?
    Right, sure. Again, you don't need them in different folders. You can of course. The important part is what is in the XML files. I'm getting the impression that there are three portfolio-type pages -- one of signs, one for awnings, etc... If that's not the case, and you want to just use one instance of SSP, you can add multiple "albums" to your XML file (like this example).

    Online, it will not. It stays the same size. Is that due to me resizing them? Or does SSP do that? Is it possible to make them fullscreen from the server?
    It depends on how you're embedding it. You have to explicitly allow fullscreen access to Flash players (at least with FP8 and above).

    Here are instructions on how to enable it.

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    I have found this link:
    relevant to the slandalone version to embed. I think I can make that work once I get home from work today.

    Does Standalone have restrictions as to Full Screen?


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