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Thread: Is there a way in PHP to load css,js, image files so IE's flash light can be avoided

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    Default Is there a way in PHP to load css,js, image files so IE's flash light can be avoided


    please open this site: and navigate HOME, RESUME, and IMAGE menu in FireFox and in Internet Explorer.

    You will observe that these 3 pages get rendered fine in Mozilla but not in IE: there are some flash or flicker upon rendering.

    Do you have any suggestion or solution so that the problem in IE gets fixed.
    Solutions can be:
    > I might have wrong css or html code---what are they because I cannot find any
    > When user moves from one page to another, a progress bar will load up that would load up all css and BG images, than the page would get rendered: how to do this?
    >CSS and Javascript files will be loaded before the body get painted: how to do this either by php or by javascript?

    Please give some suggestions so that IE's flash light problem can be avoided. Thank you for reading.

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    I can't find it on Google right now, but what you're wanting is possible. Initially, you only have to download enough JS to run the "Loading" page, an array of additional filenames to download, and an algorithm to download them.

    The algorithm can either 1) use AJAX and eval the files, or 2) add script tags to the DOM with appropriate src and type attributes. It can't depend fully on PHP because the initial PHP gets done executing before the browser begins to load the page.
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