Hi PHP-Coders,

we want you for our team!

We, the German Designtreff.de-Team, are looking for responsible and skilled PHP-Coders who are interested in supporting a German determined project. Our community contains nearly 3.000 members who are interested in WBB, VBulletin, image editing and other graphic-oriented applications. We are primarily notorious for our remarkable styles, which are always more different than other mainstream-styles.

Your job in the Designtreff-Community would be the improvement and expansion of our forum-platform with your PHP knowledge. You would get a large working environment and you were able to put our ideas into practice. Furthermore you could become a part of our friendly and engaged community, if you accept this challenge.

We are looking for experienced, responsible and sedulous coders.

So if the shoe fits, wear it and contact us via PM or directly at our forum www.designtreff.de

With kind regards,

your Designtreff-Team