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    Question AREA tag

    Hi everybody, this is Michele again.

    Few days ago I've posted a question about how to define teh area tag in relative dimension. Indeed I have an image which changes size with the window size and therefore I can not use absolute (pixel) dimension.

    I'm new on this forum, so I do not know if have post in the wrong list. Anyway it seems to me many person wrote my question, but nobody answeres.
    Am I trying to do someting impossible??!?

    Thaks to anyone who could give me a hint

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    Default Since its the size of the window


    Since its the size of the window which is defining the size of the image thus it is not possible to do it using IMG MAP, flash can be a solution to this but it will be an extensive one where the login you will be implementing will be - pick the size of the window, pick the size of the resized image and find proportionate coordinates for the hyper links on the image.

    It will be very tough and complex task as the dependency is user who is resizing the window, plus another thing that you will have to consider will be the browsers.


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