Hi guys

I have a client site at http://thevalleyreporter.com.au/ and for the most part all works well but for some reason the menu on the left is not loading properly on all pages when viewed in Google/Safari ... as tested on BrowserShots and also local Google Chrome install.

Take a look at the home page http://www.thevalleyreporter.com.au/ and then the About page http://www.thevalleyreporter.com.au/aboutus.html, another comparison is the http://www.thevalleyreporter.com.au/subscriptions.html and http://www.thevalleyreporter.com.au/submit-news.html

The odd thing is that it does load fine on some pages but not on others as you can see from the above links. They do all use the same style sheet - really got me stumped and hence my call here for help.

Cheers and thanks