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    I'm new to all this, and fairly basic with html.

    Basically I am creating a program that will be put on CD and I am wanting user sto be able to save ZIP folders that our on the CD for them to use.

    I am just basically after the coding so that the user just clicks on a download button and the open/save message pops up. If this isn't possible I'll find another way round it.



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    I don't see why you posted this in the ASP section. It's not something that would help with, considering ASP needs a server to run (and won't run off a CD).

    This isn't anything complex at all, in fact, though. Quite easy.

    A webpage running from a CD will act just like a webpage on, well, the web. The CD will just act as the server, basically. So, link as you normally would, and use relative links. [The CD drive will change for each computer, so a direct link like "D://..." will fail on any system that doesn't match your own.]

    Now, in terms of making the download just pop up, there are a few ways to force that to happen, or at least I should say you can TRY to force it to happen. However, the ideas I have for that involve a server and PHP (or ASP can do it too I'm sure)-- that won't work off a CD.

    What a browser does with a linked file is entirely the choice of the browser. However, the one universal (so far) way to force/initiate a download is in fact with zip files. So if you're doing zips anyway, then you'll be just fine. Just link to the local zip file-- href="stuff/".
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