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Thread: DD Autumn leaves script

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    Default DD Autumn leaves script

    1) Script Title: Autumn Leaves

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:
    Just wondering if it is possible to add this script to a table cell only, say 100x100 and not the whole page like the demo. I'd like to put a box on my home page saying 10% off all orders and have the leaves falling just inside the box.

    Many thanks


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    Default Perhaps an Iframe

    I just did an experiment with creating a page with the code and then creating the main page with inserting an Iframe and it works. You might be able to do the same to get the effect you want it to do.

    I am far from an expert so there might be others with a better suggestion.

    <IFRAME SRC="falls.htm" FRAMEBORDER="0"></IFRAME>
    Forgot to mention add the frameborder="0" so it will appear seamless.
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