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Thread: Generate/edit XML file and save changes-simplified

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    Arrow Generate/edit XML file and save changes-simplified

    simply put I want to
    1)Edit an existing xml file on the server

    it would also be intresting to know how to completely generate one and save it as a new file (2 separate things)
    I think the way to do it is start with a set of variables to create a string, and then export it as an xml file.
    Later, another swf (or the same one)can use that xml to recieve files and data.

    normally, alot of pixels and data can be shared with swfs at runtime, but there is a reson I'm trying to do it this way.
    (I have a pluggin that acts like a page -turner, and it doesn't work with anything generated at runtime -only library items or an xml file -so I wanted to change it programatically.

    Any suggestions?(as3)
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