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Thread: Help with "Accordion Content script (v1.5.1)"

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    Default Help with "Accordion Content script (v1.5.1)"

    1) Script Title:
    Accordion Content script (v1.5.1)
    2) Script URL (on DD):
    3) Describe problem:
    I gave each main-element an id, like this:
    <h3 class="menu_main" id="menu_news">&nbsp;</h3>
    so that I can give it a background-image, that is different on each element.
    But now I want to change this background-image (means the id to something like menu_news_open) when it is expanded... But I have no real clue how to do this, and what I need to change in the js-file...
    Anyone here who can help me?

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    Well, the script does let you swap between two classes (not ids) for the headers, depending on whether they are expanded or contracted:

    //Initialize first demo:
    	headerclass: "mypets", //Shared CSS class name of headers group
    	contentclass: "thepet", //Shared CSS class name of contents group
    	revealtype: "click", //Reveal content when user clicks or onmouseover the header? Valid value: "click" or "mouseover"
    	collapseprev: true, //Collapse previous content (so only one open at any time)? true/false 
    	defaultexpanded: [0], //index of content(s) open by default [index1, index2, etc]. [] denotes no content.
    	onemustopen: false, //Specify whether at least one header should be open always (so never all headers closed)
    	animatedefault: false, //Should contents open by default be animated into view?
    	persiststate: true, //persist state of opened contents within browser session?
    	toggleclass: ["closeclass", "openclass"], //Two CSS classes to be applied to the header when it's collapsed and expanded, respectively ["class1", "class2"]
    	togglehtml: ["none", "", ""], //Additional HTML added to the header when it's collapsed and expanded, respectively  ["position", "html1", "html2"] (see docs)
    	animatespeed: "fast", //speed of animation: "fast", "normal", or "slow"
    	oninit:function(expandedindices){ //custom code to run when headers have initalized
    		//do nothing
    	onopenclose:function(header, index, state, isuseractivated){ //custom code to run whenever a header is opened or closed
    		//do nothing
    Now, since you're giving each header a unique ID, within your CSS, you should also be able to specify a different background image pair for each header, by associating each ID with the two CSS classes specified above. Something like:

    <style type="text/css">
    background: url("a1.gif")
    background: url("a2.gif")
    background: url("b1.gif")
    background: url("b2.gif")
    Edit: Corrected an error in the CSS above
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