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Thread: Workstation upgrade/change

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    Question Workstation upgrade/change

    I am looking for some tips and advice as I would like to upgrade/change my workstation.

    Right now I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop and it does the job well for me, I want to upgrade to a desktop with dual screen since I am dealing with web development.

    I have been looking into Quad Cores as right now I am using a Intel Core 2 Duo and noticed the massive change it made coming from a single core.

    I deal with web development and some design, nothing major like print design but I do use some applications like Adobe After Effects with my flash work.

    Is quad core really worth the upgrade? I have been hearing that some applications cannot use the 4 cores to their best as they are not programmed to do so.

    The reason I ask is if I could save cost and just go to a high end dual core and use the money on a dual monitor set up I would prefer it.

    Are there any quad core users out there that can give an honest opinion on quad core?

    Thanks in advance for reading my post and any feedback you can provide.

    -- Nate

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    It depends on the software you are using of course, but sooner or later all software should be optimized for multiple cores as it is the upcoming standard.

    As for most things it is not really neccesary, but video effects and such do profit from a fast 4-core-system.

    I'dd rather spend the money on a good dualcore system since computers get cheaper every year.

    Example: You buy a decent 2 core now, and upgrade to a faster quadcore next year.
    Up to now I allways purchased (or upgraded to) cheaper CPUs, and bought a new system or upgraded to a faster one later.

    While quadcores are still very expensive, they will be in at a moderate price in a few months- and you probably end up cheaper buying two: a dualcore now+quadcore later, since the top-notch CPUs are so expensive when they are new in stores.
    This would leave you enuough money for now to buy some decent (24"?) screens.

    As far as I can judge from your short description of intended use I would recomend more RAM anyway. You can never have enough ram, right? ;-)
    Images, programming, flash and such are not really multi-core material as they run fine on a fast dualcore system in 97,4% of all cases, while video editing would defenatly profit from it- depends on how much you do with aftereffects.

    But that's just my two cents ;-)

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    After Effects is a great reason to use a quad core-- it will work with all of them, and it can be worth it, but only if you're using it heavily. And "some of your flash work" sounds like fairly light AE work, compared to really heavy rendering that some people use it for.
    So, no, I don't think you need quad cores.
    Sure, it would be faster, but I think you'd do much better with dual monitors.

    That's a simple answer, hope it helps.
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