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Thread: trouble sending link to IFrame from ddaccordian

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    Default trouble sending link to IFrame from ddaccordian

    1) Script Title: Apple style Accordion Menu

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: !Newbie! - I am trying to create a menu that uses the ddaccordion menu to drive information to an IFrame.

    I'm trying to integrate Maps.Live into my website, and switch different maps through the menu.

    BIG problem - I can't get the links to open in the IFrame
    <iframe name="_mapframe"
    , they keep opening in a new tab?

    here is the site:

    Just in case - here is a base map HTML page I'm trying to load in the IFrame - just in case there is a conflict between the two (i've tried any page, not just this on, they all load in a new window instead of the IFrame).

    Being new, I'm probably messing up something easy - I'm better at Mapping, GIS etc....

    I tried setting:
    <base target="_mapframe" />
    I tried setting multiple variations of JavaScript:
    onclick=" self.frames['_mapframe'].location.href
    Please take a look at the site (the first accordian -"Site Pics" is the one I've been trying things on)

    Any help would be great - I've spent two days trying to figure out something that is probably easy.
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    In other words, you're trying to get the page to load in the IFRAME when "Checking A" below for example is checked:

    <form name="001" target="_mapframe">
    		<input type="checkbox" name="cbtestA" onclick="bbevent()"/> Checking A<br />
    		<input type="checkbox" name="cbtestB" onclick="bbevent()"/> Checking B
    It really depends on how the page is currently being loaded, which I can't tell at a glance. What does function bbevent() actually do that causes the page to be loaded?
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    Default not sure!

    to be honest, I didn't catch that function call:

    I've been working with a seperate javascript file, because that was the way it was set up on the file i used as a starting point - not because I know what I'm doing.

    each seperate page I created has its own seperate js file just like the other, except this part changes up top and the reference number changes:

    This function creates the initial map (here is the .js file basically - i have things turned off I haven't tried getting to work yet)

    Should I try to format this so that its all contained on the one page and doesn't call a seperate file? I just started this and I'm learning as I go sorry.

    I was thinking that if I kept it on the seperate page I could figure out a way to use the ddaccordian menu list to just call out the 3 or 4 different types of maps (, .kml, MapCruncher and possibly GeoRSS) and then I would only have to update the one js file to update all the pages down the road as I learn more what i'm really doing though so i left it the way it was. Kind of like the CSS file which I'm also learning about.

    window.onload = GetMap;
    window.onresize = Resize;
    var map = null;
    var mapWidth = null;
    var mapHeight = null;
    function GetMap()
        map = new VEMap('divMap');
        //Load and resize the map
        //VEMapStyle{ Road Shaded Aerial Hybrid Oblique Birdseye BirdseyeHybrid }
        //Load KML Files
        //VEDataType ( GeoRSS   VECollection   ImportXML }
        var layer = new VEShapeLayer();
        var sourceSpec = new VEShapeSourceSpecification(VEDataType.VECollection, "A588B0C5DBACE219!325", layer);
        map.ImportShapeLayerData(sourceSpec, onFeedLoad, true);
        //var shapeLayer = new VEShapeLayer();
        //var shapeSpec = new VEShapeSourceSpecification(VEDataType.ImportXML,"", shapeLayer);
             //function GetTiles()
    			//var bounds = [new VELatLongRectangle(new VELatLong(90,-180),new VELatLong(-90,180))];
                //var tileSourceSpec = new VETileSourceSpecification("Layer_NewLayer", 
                //" Mashup/Layer_NewLayer/%4.png");
                //tileSourceSpec.NumServers = 1;
                //tileSourceSpec.Bounds = bounds;
                //tileSourceSpec.MinZoomLevel = 10;
                //tileSourceSpec.MaxZoomLevel = 18;
                //tileSourceSpec.Opacity = opacity;
                //tileSourceSpec.ZIndex = 100;
                //map.AddTileLayer(tileSourceSpec, true);
    function onFeedLoad(feed)  
                 alert('KML data loaded! ' + feed.GetShapeCount());  
    //Resize map and controls whenever the size of the browser window changes
    //Also load the minimap
    function Resize()
        var mapDiv = document.getElementById("divMap");
        var accordion = document.getElementById("ddaccordion");
        var windowWidth = document.body.clientWidth;
        var windowHeight = document.body.clientHeight;
        mapWidth = windowWidth - 255;
            //mapWidth = windowWidth - 10;
        mapHeight = windowHeight  - 70;
            //mapHeight = windowHeight  - 10; = mapWidth + "px"; = mapHeight + "px"; = (windowHeight - 65) + "px";
        map.Resize(mapWidth, mapHeight);
        //map.ShowMiniMap(mapWidth-205, 13, VEMiniMapSize.Large);

    I suppose I could make each button(checkbox, image: either one) in the ddaccordian use that script to change the map - I'm not sure how yet, but would that make more sense?

    Likewise, if the button thing makes sense - I don't even have to go out to a seperate site to get the maps as long as I can load a map i can use the click event to open .kml files, MapCruncher Files and store them right in the same folder as the website just like the images.

    Hannes's VE Blog is where the idea came from, this is the page I saved from all his examples: http://mappointemea.members.winisp.n...r/Default.aspx

    When you save this stuff though, its way more involved than what I need or understand, so I am trying to bring this down to a very simple level.

    I really want to use the checkbox's, like in his example, to just turn on and off layers (when I use the check box and get it to function, it refreses the page when you click it on, and off but right now all I really want is to get the 5 maps to load.

    Or get one map to load and use the 5 functions to turn on and off information in that mapspace like his?
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