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Thread: is there a script to prevent someone from dragging images to their desktops?

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    Default is there a script to prevent someone from dragging images to their desktops?

    Is there a way to prevent someone from dragging images from your website to their desktop? I also want to protect my html. I do not want someone to view page sources and duplicate my site.

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    there is no real way to prevent people from stealing your script.
    Images are a different story.
    If you don't want them to steal them, you can put a watermark on them that is transparent with the url to your site.
    Don't worry about server scripts showing up when you view the source.
    It will only show the response commands like echo and write.
    There are ways to disable to view the source in js, but its not worth it because who ever knows that you can do that, knows that you can disable js and be able to access the view script option.
    Remember watermarks and you could to make our job harder to decode.
    You could *if your this insane* put lots of comments either between each letter.
    Though there is a way to "encrypt" your information via js. I believe it is on this site as well.

    Sorry, I hope that this helps!
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    If it is on the internet, people CAN steal it. The end.
    There are some ways to make some types of content harder to steal, but that doesn't matter, because the people who are stealing it (but not everyone who visits your site) will know how to get around it. so your average visitor might not know how to do, for example, a screen capture, but anyone who steals stuff can.
    So, there's no way around this.
    And html, especially, is impossible to even make difficult to steal. It must be sent to the user to generate the page, and you can't hide it.

    You need to pick what you send to them, and then they can do what they want with it. Copyright law and watermarks can help, but in the end whatever you send them, they have. That's how the web works.

    There are a lot of discussions on this, so do a search. Considering, I'm going to lock this thread. If you still have questions after reading those, reply in the appropriate thread.
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