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Thread: Thank you DD, and good bye.

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    Two years!? Did i miss a scheduled spaceshuttle flight

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    Thanks guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by ddadmin View Post
    Of course they always say they'll be back, then...
    I'll be back, trust me. I need this site, so I'll be back .

    Quote Originally Posted by djr33 View Post
    Aw, they grow up so fast, and they're leaving on secret missions so early in life now.

    Ha. Anyway, have a good time. I'm sure we'll be around. (Unless someone decides to, y'know, turn off the internet, or something, in the next couple years.)
    Secret missions, no. I just don't want to go into what I am going to be doing over a forum post. (It has to do with my church.)

    And I doubt they'll delete the internet

    Quote Originally Posted by Nile View Post
    Btw, if your not gonna have much access to a computer, and where your going, isn't about computers, or coding. Don't get rusty, right on tin foil if you have to.
    I'm a little afriad of that, myself. I am going to get rusty, but the question is how much. I documented all of my existing code so that (hopefully) I can figure it out later.

    Two years!? Did i miss a scheduled spaceshuttle flight
    Ha ha ha.

    It's not that computers don't exists where I am going-- I'm going to Arizona, actually-- but I'm going to be very busy doing things for my church. I won't go into it, but suffice it to say I won't be on DD for two years.

    I'll see you guys when I get back! (And I better see all of you back here )

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    I'm gone for a while, but in the meantime: Try using my FTP script | Fight Bot Form Submissions

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    I'm new here so I didn't get a chance to know you. Oops! But hope you do come back whenever you can.

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    Default mission?

    Oh, I know what Jas is doing. Telling from this post, regarding the Holy Spirit, Jas is Mormon. When a Mormon boy turns 19, he may choose to go on a mission. This lasts for two (2) years. I am pretty sure Jas is on a mission... I should know. I am Mormon as well...

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