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Thread: coding changes for Dynamic Flash template I purchased

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    Default coding changes for Dynamic Flash template I purchased

    Not sure if this is the right posting area.
    I am new to this forum and new to flash.
    I purchased a Dynamic Flash template a while ago and managed to make most of the changes to the flash and xml files. But there are five important coding I can’t figure out and would need help with so I can launch the site.

    It took me 4 month to work on all the coding changes as I am a flash newbie .I think somebody knowing dynamic flash pretty good will need 1-3 hours for these minor changes.

    2) PayPal would be fine

    I need help for the following changes:
    A: under news, I can’t add a slider or follower (like I have under portfolio) in the flash index (or xml) so that I can flip thru more pages then just one (basically a follower with 3-4 images would work). A slider would be preferred, but I am fine with a follower to click thru images if slider is to complex.

    B: the Main menu: I managed to change the color and font size of the menu text. I also changed the font color for the sub menu (the one above that is smaller and features project names) but unfortunately I can’t find the adjustment for to change the font size. Therefore right now the sub menu is still too small. I looked at the flash index and xml, no idea where this could be changed.

    D: under turn the tide, I would like to basically plug in an external link to an xml site that features just ONE dynamic flash background with text, which I need help with to produce..

    E: under profile are links for external sites “download article” but unfortunately they currently just link back to the existing site and open it in a new window. I think this was a pres setting for the template. I would need to change these links to other web addresses

    F: under “contact" I have the same problem with the font. I managed to change the font color in the xml, but can’t find out how top change the font size in the flash index. Also here we would need to activate the contact submit field, so people can actually fill it out and send a mail.

    Thanks much,

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    Hello Stevo,

    I would be more than happy to help you with this. If you don't mind, I like to discuss the project/pricing details in a more private setting (preferably through email or PM). Since you're a new member and not able to PM, feel free to email me at hello(at) and we can start a conversation.

    Thanks. Look forward to learning more about your needs.


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