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Thread: Image gallery with rotating images? Advice please!

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    Default Image gallery with rotating images? Advice please!

    I have a client who is a photographer and wants to ultimately upload his own photos etc and not come to me with every update. That said I need an image gallery, but he always wants to be able to have some of the images rotate to show off the images that are part of a series (click on one image in the thumbnails and the larger version will rotate every few seconds with another image from that series). how the hell do I even begin to program this? Is that possible? Remember, i need him to be able to upload all the images himself, so I dont have to go in and hardcode it myself.

    Andy advice would be great.


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    Sure. Advice is plentiful. This, what you are trying to do, is very possible. Here is an FTP script which allows people to upload content to your site over the internet: As for collecting the images, you may wish to use not ASP, but PHP. It is a tad more efficient than ASP, so with it, you may collect information from one HTML page and then use it to display the images namely with JavaScript. If you do not understand any languages above, simply visit this website of which has very many tutorials full of info on the languages above: Hope my advice helped.


    P.S. I'm sure I would be capable of doing something like this.


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