Hi all.
I have the mootools javascript working on a menu on a site i'm building. Works as should.
I am also trying to use lightbox to expand images. both work fine independantly, but lightbox fails when together.

if I remove this section from the head lightbox works,

<script type="text/javascript">
		var Kwix = {

	start: function(){

	parseKwicks: function(){

		var squeeze_to = 100;
		var max_width = 217;

		//get original widths
		var start_widths = new Array();
		var kwicks = $$('#kwick .kwick');
		var fx = new Fx.Elements(kwicks, {wait: false, duration: 250, transition:Fx.Transitions.Cubic.easeOut});
		kwicks.each(function(kwick, i){

			start_widths[i] = kwick.getStyle('width').toInt();

			//mouse is in, squeeze and expand
			kwick.addEvent('mouseenter', function(e){

				var obj = {};
				obj[i] = {
					'width': [kwick.getStyle('width').toInt(), max_width]

				var counter = 0;

				kwicks.each(function(other, j){
					if (other != kwick){
						var w = other.getStyle('width').toInt();
						if (w != squeeze_to) obj[j] = {'width': [w,squeeze_to] };

		//mouse is out, squeeze back
		$('kwick').addEvent('mouseleave', function(e){
			var obj = {};
			kwicks.each(function(other, j){
				obj[j] = {'width': [other.getStyle('width').toInt(), start_widths[j]]};
//lock and load!
I have tried to amend the code following example on development page lightbox.
Tried this in various locations in the above code.
I have also tried
<body onload="initLightbox();">
To be honest it's guesswork my understanding of javascript is poor.
I considered using this similar solution, but thought i'd be digging bigger holes.
The link to page is here
Any ideas,
Thanks in advance.