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Thread: Help with .htaaccess Permissions with Wordpress

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    Default Help with .htaaccess Permissions with Wordpress

    New to this forum just did some researching and this place looked like a good place to post this question... Hopefully someine can help me out a ittle. I already posted a topic on the wordpress forums but they didn't seem to know to much... heres is whats going on...

    Ok. So I'm going to break it down for everybody and let you know exactly what happen leading up my question... First off yesterday around noon, my site was loading super slow so I called my hosting provider and informed them of the problem. They told me the reason was that I probably needed to upgrade my wordpress to 2.6. I was currently at version 2.51. Anywho, I asked the rep if my blog was going to be ok and everything would remain the same... he said yes. I hit the automatic upgrade button via my hosting account with my hosting a company and just waited. About an hour later I get an email saying I have finished installing version 2.6, I immediately go to my blog and it is showing up plain text, this shouldn't happen. (my current theme is ... 659-sphinx - in case you want to see whats inside...?), white background, none of the pictures are showing up or anything. So I click on where a picture is suppose be and locate the file location. I then go to my ftp and locate the exact image location.... and its exactly where its suppose to be. So why isn't my blog pulling up the image? And why isn't any of my theme pulling up... I am fairly new to wordpress but pick things up really quickly, I'm also can't write code or anything like that... I can read some of it and do easy tasks such as replacing pieces of code with no code and what not... Anyways somebody at my hosting company told me it was probably something do with the permissions with .htaaccess in my... well I think the /wp-content folder... I dont know though, I dont know too much about .htaaccess except for what does and what not. But if somebody could please take help me out a little bit if you think you might know what the problem is it would be appreciated as my site is currently down and temporarily being forwarded to another site with a "temporarily unavailable page"

    Also I did downgrade back to 2.51, deactivated all my plug-ins... tried all that...

    here is a link to this topic on wordpress...

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    Anyways somebody at my hosting company told me it was probably something do with the permissions with .htaaccess
    If you upload files via FTP, .htaccess has nothing to do with it. Try right-clicking the file and selecting 'Properties' or 'Permissions.' What FTP program do you use. What hosting company?
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