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Thread: Image slideshow with paragraph of text rather than a short caption

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    Default Image slideshow with paragraph of text rather than a short caption

    I'm using the Advanced Push-Button SlideShow With Captions & Cross-Fade from codelifter and get on with it fine. One of my slideshows requires a paragraph or two of text for each image rather than a caption.
    I can't make this work. I presume it's because there's a limit to the maxmum caption size. However, seeing as I know NOTHING about javascript (apart from how to copy and paste it into my webpages) I have no idea how to resolve this problem.
    The page I'm trying to do this on can be found here:

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    At the very least, the captions must each occupy only one line in the code or be concatenated from multiple lines. I see some other issues. Try this version:

    // (C) 2003 by
    // Free for all users, but leave in this header.
    // ==============================
    // Set the following variables...
    // ==============================
    // Set the slideshow speed (in milliseconds)
    var SlideShowSpeed = 3000;
    // Set the duration of crossfade (in seconds)
    var CrossFadeDuration = 0;
    var Picture = new Array(); // don't change this
    var Caption = new Array(); // don't change this
    var showHot = false;       // don't change this
    // Specify the image files...
    // To add more images, just continue
    // the pattern, adding to the array below.
    // To use fewer images, remove lines
    // starting at the end of the Picture array.
    // Caution: The number of Pictures *must*
    // equal the number of Captions!
    Picture[1]  = '../comings/giertaw.jpg';
    Picture[2]  = '../comings/bettan.jpg';
    Picture[3]  = '../comings/eileen.jpg';
    Picture[4]  = '../comings/zienab.jpg';
    // Specify the Captions...
    // To add more captions, just continue
    // the pattern, adding to the array below.
    // To use fewer captions, remove lines
    // starting at the end of the Caption array.
    // Caution: The number of Captions *must*
    // equal the number of Pictures!
    Caption[1]  = "Following her mother and brother who now live in Newcastle, Giedre came from Lithuania to England in 1998. Giedre wanted to "+
    "live in England to study language and learn about British culture. She has one daughter. "+
    "Giedre stands among a cluster of silver birch trees in Gott's Park in Armley, Leeds. "+
    "Because of a shallow root system, the birch would have been one of the first to "+
    "re-colonise the rocky landscape when the huge glaciers of the last ice age receded. They are found throughout the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. <br>"+
    "Pre-Christian Lithuanians believed that a dead person's soul left the human body and found a new home in plants, animals, "+
    "or birds, but most frequently in trees. Oak trees in Lithuania have been protected by law since 1420. During the Soviet era, land "+
    "reclamation programs saw farmhouses, barns, plants and trees razed throughout the countryside. All that remains of these farms is "+
    "the oak trees planted along the farm "+
    "borders and in recognition of family births and deaths. "+
    "Across a now disappeared land bridge that once connected Britain to the rest of Europe, birch trees moved in, along with pine and oak. "+
    "Deer, bears, badgers, horses, rabbits and red squirrels crossed with them.";
    Caption[2]  = "Bettan left her native Finland in the early seventies to hitchhike and work around Europe. She settled in "+
    "England in 1976 and has lived in Armley, Leeds for 25 years. She has two children and two grandchildren all living within a mile of the house that she shares with her partner."+
    "Bettan says she feels European, not British. The merging of Europe and influx of "+
    "Europeans into areas like Armley allows her to feel a sense of belonging without losing her own identity. >"+
    "Bettan is standing in front of a fox lair. The red fox has the widest geographical range of all carnivores, being found in "+
    "almost all of the United States, Europe, North Africa, and Asia."+
    "In the 17th and 18th centuries European red foxes were introduced to America by "+
    "British colonists for fox hunting. This was through so-called 'Acclimatisation Societies' that sought "+
    "to introduce plants and animals into the new colonies to make them feel more like home."+
    "The European Reds thrived and infiltrated the American red fox population through more aggressive hunting and breeding. "+
    "Traits of the European Red eventually pervaded the genepool, leaving European and American foxes now virtually identical.";
    Caption[3]  = "Eileen came to England in 1942 at sixteen years of age. Unable to find work in their "+
    "native Ireland her brothers and father had already emigrated a few years before. She went straight into a "+
    "job at the Lewis Clothing Factory in Holbeck, Leeds. The factories were always looking for girls to work; their male workforce, "+
    "Eileen's brothers included, were joining the army and heading for Europe to fight the Nazis."+
    "Eileen, who has seven children, fifteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren, is a devout Catholic and is photographed "+
    "in Holy Family Catholic Church in Armley, Leeds. "+
    "Christianity arrived in Ireland from Rome in the early- to mid-5th century AD and soon subsumed the indigenous "+
    "pagan religions. Druid traditions collapsed in the face of the new religion, but also because of famine and plagues due to climate change "+
    "in 535€“536 that had devastating effects worldwide."+
    "Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, was also sixteen years of age when, at the end of the 4th century, "+
    "he, like Eileen, left his homeland. At that young age he was taken prisoner from his family home in Roman Britain by a group of "+
    "Irish raiders and held in Ireland as a slave for six years.  After his escape he eventually returned to Ireland as a missionary. "+
    "He believed that his calling was to convert the Irish to Christianity.";
    Caption[4]  = "Zeinab is 16 and was born in Iraq. She came to England with her mother in 2002 "+
    "because of the war. She is now settled here and wants to study Media and Art at "+
    "Zeinab is photographed at West Leeds High School in Armley, Leeds. She spends a lot of her time at school "+
    "and feels comfortable there in a culturally-mixed community. "+
    "Zeinab, while still being a practicing Muslim, chooses not to wear the hijab anymore. She says she feels more herself without it. <br>"+
    "The word 'school' comes from the Greek scholeion. The first schools were in Ancient Greece, and Plato's Academy in "+
    "Athens is considered to be the first institution of higher learning in the Western World. But it was during the Islamic Golden Age (between the 8th & 13th centuries) that, through the conquest of the Roman, Persian and Greek cultures, the Islamic world became the unrivalled intellectual centre for science, philosophy, "+
    "medicine and education. <br>It was this renaissance of knowledge that influenced societies on all continents, and "+
    "during this time the Islamic world developed a school system and introduced the "+
    "Madrassa, the first schools built independently from the Mosques and the heir to our modern concept of school.";
    // =====================================
    // Do not edit anything below this line!
    // =====================================
    var tss;
    var iss;
    var jss = 1;
    var pss = Picture.length-1;
    var preLoad = new Array();
    for (iss = 1; iss < pss+1; iss++){
    preLoad[iss] = new Image();
    preLoad[iss].src = Picture[iss];}
    function control(how){
    if (showHot){
    if (how=="H") jss = 1;
    if (how=="F") jss = jss + 1;
    if (how=="B") jss = jss - 1;
    if (jss > (pss)) jss=1;
    if (jss < 1) jss = pss;
    if (document.all){"blendTrans(duration=2)";"blendTrans(duration=CrossFadeDuration)";
    document.images.PictureBox.src = preLoad[jss].src;
    if (document.getElementById) document.getElementById("CaptionBox").innerHTML= Caption[jss];
    if (document.all) document.images.PictureBox.filters.blendTrans.Play();
    Add to your body tag:

    <body bgcolor="#7c98ae" onload="showHot=true;">
    And, make your control links like so:

    				<td width="183" height="30">
    								<div align="center">
    									<a class=Controls href="#" onClick="control('B');return false;"><img src="images/arrowlft.gif" alt="" height="38" width="77" border="0" /></a></div>
    							<td width="183" height="30"></td>
    							<td width="183" height="30">
    								<div align="center">
    									<a class=Controls href="#" onClick="control('F');return false;"><img src="images/arrowrt.gif" alt="" height="38" width="77" border="0" /></a></div>
    - John

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    Absolute genius - thank you!


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