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    I am just beginning to create websites in Flash. I've seen many HUGE websites created in Flash -- for interactive design companies, media companies, etc. I assume that these organizations have in-house designers/developers to change and add new content at will. But, that's hardly possible for the average website owner.

    I'm creating this current site for an artist. He has absolutely no coding knowledge. I've googled a bit and seen integration between wordpress blogs and Flash, but that's above my level, I'm afraid.

    Is there any advice on "best practices" I should use in making this?

    Thanks for helping this newb.

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    It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish, how much control you want to give your client, how many dynamic elements you have on your page.

    Those big agencies, aren't going into the .fla and editing their sites all the time. That would be a total waste of their resources. They probably use some sort of dynamic method of publishing.

    Flash can only really read plain text, so text files, XML are really the only way to communicate. You can also use database-based coding and PHP (or ASP) to run that sort of site.

    So, if you want to explain what your site entails, I'd be happy to point you towards some resources.


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