Im looking for a bit of guidence but before hand id like to thank anyone that helps me through this, i know how time consuming and demanding replying to posts like this is. So i want to start by saying any help you provide i will be eternally grateful for.

Im looking to make a filmstrip sliding gallery which automatically slides at a set pace and will stop once the users mouse hovers over the picture and starts again once the mouse is elsewhere on the page.

Sooo towards the footer of the page i would like about 4 pictures of clients logo's displayed of about 20 and these would be displayed horizontally and sliding from right to left where any more than 4 pictures would appear hidden and slide into view once a visible picture slides out of view.

I have an example of how i want this to look here (its in the footer of the page): http://www.digivate.com/index.html
However i want mine to "auto-scroll" and i do not need to option to move these via controls or via the mouse. I do want the items to be clickable tho (i can do this myself)

I can use any of the mainstream plugins such as javascript, ajax, mootools etc although i want it to be as compatible as possible across browsers. Particularly IE7, compatibility in the latest version of browsers is a essential and in the older browsers would be a bonus.

If you know somewhere with an existing template/plug-in/script then i would appreciate the link to that... although this is for a commercial website....

Again thank you!