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Thread: Database driven registration and confirmation forms

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    Default Database driven registration and confirmation forms

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to this site and indeed to any real on-line forums, but I am desperate. I recently spent a fair amount of money purchasing an on-line plug in Microsoft Access database driven script for my Front Page 2003 website. Everything appears to be going well, except for two areas; one of which is the most crucial.

    Everytime I fill in the on-line registration page, the details are automatically populating to the database but I am neither getting a confirmation page nor are emails being sent to myself and the recipient

    Despite the company giving suggestions on page customizations and encouraging their clients to experiment in customizing their scripts and pages, they do not provide technical support on scripts or pages that have been customized. As I don't know anything about script writing, I was hoping one of you "Gurus" might be able to solve these issues (scripts attached)

    I have tried to submit the script but the page won't allow the number of text required.
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