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Thread: Major css problem for geting firefox to display website correctly

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    Default Major css problem for geting firefox to display website correctly

    i have a adult based site i.m working on the works 100% ok in ie, but
    has major display errors in firefox
    You can view the site at

    Basically, the site views properly in IE, however, in Firefox the <div
    id="containerb">, plus lots of other <div> tags does not align in the
    center and this thrown off the the right side, top or merged together
    on different pages.

    another example is on
    there is issues with <div id="navsubbar"> it shows correctly in ie,
    but in firefox the background image is not displayed and the hieght
    and padding is not correct, the next <div> tag goes over the top of

    i have 2 css files

    i am thing its a problem with <div> tags not showing correcly, in ie
    the site works 100% ok, but in firefox lots of div tags are not
    dispalying correctly at all, any help with hese issue or pointing me
    in the right direction to sort the firefox issues out whould be

    thanks in advance
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    Hope you understand, I'd rather not have my kids come in and see your site while I was trying to sort out the css.

    EDIT: jscheuer, thanks, and redligt, I hope I wasn't too blunt in bringing it up. I did come across some adult pics when I followed your links. I wasn't offended by them as much as concerned.
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    It is up to traq what he wants to work on or not, but as far as I can tell, there is no X rated material on the links in your post. I did notice that although the pages claim to be valid XHTML and css, they don't pass the css validator. You may as well fix those errors first, even if they have nothing to do with the problem.

    As far as those links go, I'm going to edit the post to make them text only - just to be on the safe side. Anyone wishing to assist you can still copy and paste them into their browser's address bar.

    In the future, please hot link only to dummy pages that demonstrate the problem without having any links on them that go to, or that could even possibly lead to X rated material.
    - John

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