I am a relatively wet-behind-the-ears webmaster so I may struggle to articulate the issue here.

I am working on a job openings page for a company -
when you hover over the 'openings' heading, a 'shoMnu' script opens a little drop-box to the left of it that lets you choose by location or by discipline. if you choose either of these, a list of the appropriate text appears below the openings link. I am using flexcroll for these lists and the issue is, the scroll doesn't show up immediately. interestingly, if i click a lot around where it should be showing up, sometimes it will suddenly appear. visibility in css is set to hidden, and when i change it to visible, the scroll shows up and works. of course that doesnt work for me because then that list is showing when the page loads. overflow is on auto.

I will post the code if you folks are into helping me. i appreciate anything you can do. javascript is still a peculiar animal to me. i tried putting the flexcroll script in the head, at the top of the body, right before the shoMnu, etc.