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    I have a website of my portraiture that I am trying to make a little more user-friendly... what I want to do is have a form in which someone can order a portrait online and send me a file (jpeg, etc.) of what they want drawn, if they have one... is this something I can do with a DHTML script, and would there be something like that here?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks!

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    That would better be done with a server side script. Unfortunately for you, I know little about those, the best avenue would be to ask your host what they have available for that. Tell them specifically what you want, there may be an additional charge, less if you research and do most of the set up yourself. I imagine formail or something like it or PHP scripting might work. Your host has to make these available to you. Many hosts have a default server scripting service available, with others it must be 'turned on' for your domain. I do have one suggestion though, get a good image optimizing program to compress your graphics, especially the large versions. I was able to compress 'Daisy' (large version) to 11,276 bytes with very little loss of quality. This is down from the current 76,888 bytes. An additional advantage (besides lower bandwidth, faster load times) is that someone bent on stealing your images will not get a photographic quality image.
    - John

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